We can help with

Low back back problems can include stiffness, tightness or sharp pains.

It can affect movements like bending, getting up and dressing.

At the Maxwell Clinic we are qualified and experienced to help you make a great recovery.

We can help you understand what’s happened, and why.

You can be seen quickly, get assessment and begin treatment.

Neck problems can include stiffness, tightness, as well as pain that may be felt in between your shoulder blades.

You may find it difficult looking to one side or up and down.

At the Maxwell Clinic we are trained and experienced to help you make a great recovery from neck pain.

You can be seen quickly and begin treatment.

It’s very common that we treating the physical symptoms related to stress, tension or anxiety.

Psychological factors can have a physical response.

Treatment like massage and joint mobilisation can have a soothing relaxation effect that can relieve feelings of tightness, tension or anxieties.

At the Maxwell clinic we can identify and help you understand the cause of your physical pains and stiffness.


Many types of headaches are related to the neck and respond very well to treatment that soothes and releases tension and tightness.

Neck muscles can send symptoms into the head.

Symptoms can be felt in the back of the head, across the forehead, in the temple or around the eye.

It is recommended to get a professional opinion and not self diagnose.

Migraine type headaches can involve neck muscles, and improve when the muscular component is treated, migraine may also require specialist help.

Check out our blog post about cervical headaches.

We help you understand, look after and promote healthy postures.

Everyone is very concerned about their posture. Unfortunately the internet is often blaming our posture for our symptoms and is awash with offers with quick and absolute fixes.

Check out our blog about constantly changing muscle and joint imbalances.

We can help with diagnosis, treatment and provide you with helpful advice for shoulder pain.

Strains around the shoulder may present in association with neck symptoms but careful examinations may reveal that the shoulder is affected on one side.

Some shoulder conditions can take time to heal, commonly over several months!

We can provide specialised diagnosis, treatment and advice to help you recovery from knee injuries.

Vitally important is we can help you maintain and improve the strength of the muscles that support , move and protect your knee joint..

We can provide diagnosis, treatment and advice, help you recover.

We can help you understand, manage and resolve tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is a muscle and tendon injury that may include chronic overuse or damaged tendons to the point of degenerative change.

It can last from a few weeks to 12 months.

It’s not an easy condition to resolve, especially once it’s set in, but seeing it early can get better results.

The most common foot problem plantar fasciitis pain.

We can provide specialised individual assessment, treatment and advice.

People with plantar pain want to be seen quickly and want more advice and treatment other than just taking pain killers.

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition we diagnose and treat regularly at the Maxwell Clinic.

Cranial osteopaths use a highly trained sense of touch to feel subtle changes of tension and tissue quality in the living anatomy of the whole body, and to diagnose areas of strain or dysfunction.

Cranial osteopathic treatment is quite different from the more regular or “structural” osteopathic techniques.  It is more gentle and more applicable to babies and toddlers.

To discuss or make a booking regarding cranial osteopathy with Paige, please contact us on 01992 443026.

We can provide specialised diagnosis, treatment and advice for many problems around the hip joint and surrounding muscles.

From soft tissue conditions like a tendinosis, or detecting an osteoarthritic hip.

Keeping pain and stiffness controlled can allow the muscles to stay active and strong.

Hip conditions tend to have an effect on the function of the  low back, so the two conditions co exist. I’ve seen many people present with a low back complaint only to discover the root of their symptoms is from the hip.

We can help with diagnosis, treatment and recovery and allow you to return back to full sporting activities.

We can provide specialised individual assessment, treatment and advice.

With sports injuries it is the diagnosis and understanding the causes that is key.